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Lately we have noticed a wierd lady that walks around the school looking in trash cans. She started out looking in the smaller ones then she discovered the MOTHER OF ALL GARBAGE CANS. The dumpster where all of our school waste goes which also happens to be by where we ride. This woman has been spotted several times around the school until the other day when we caught her in the act. Yes digging in the trash can to make a living which actually shows what america is coming to non english speaking people who dig in trash cans to make money. I think its funny as hell but thas me. If you have seen this lady do not hesitate to take incriminating pictures or to bother her because she doesnt understand a damn thing your saying and she cant tell anyone what your doing anyway so look at these pictures and if you ever get close to her be careful because she BITES!!.

Observing the area for onlookers