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Kurts Page

About 5 months back Kurt and I were ridin in berkely, when he decided to start a maunal goin down a long ass street at about 15 miles an hour. He held the manual for so long WITHOUT brakes it was amazing but then it happened he lened back too much and jumped off. He twisted his knee in some pretzel shape tore his ACL (the MAJOR muscle in the back of ur knee) we didnt know it at the time but it was actually pretty bad. Since then riding has been pretty tough for him his knee pops out of its joint and he cant walk for a day. Because of this he has to have mojor surgery that will keep him from ridin for a year. I thought i was in bad shape. Well he's getting all he can out of this summer before his surgery and hes a damn good rider. You can look forward to some dope footage soon. For now heres a wallride that he shouldnt even be able to get this high on because it has no REAL bank (proof of skill).