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Kenny Interview

Matt: how many years u been ridin?
ken: 1 1/2
Matt: what does BMX mean to you and why did you start riding?
Ken: because its fun and filled with good times. also it pushes you to new limits as you go kind of progression with out hassel.
Matt: who has influenced u the most when u ride?
Ken: u mean a pro or a frend
Matt: both
Ken: I'd say van homan,taj mihelich,chris doyle and nick noble.
Matt : hah wut bout me foo
Ken: wait put chris gill too cuz he got me started you too.
Matt: whats your favorite time u went ridsing and favorite sess.
Ken: problably my best session at vans cuz i nailed all my tricks with out hassel and pulled some new stuff first try
Matt: wuts ur favorite trick?
Ken: For the trick i can do id have to say 360 because, just the fact that ur backwards and u have no klue wuts going on until you get to a 270.
Matt:wuts ur favorite type of bmx street, dirt, flatland or freestyle.
Ken:id say dirt street and park.
Matt: park wasnt one of the options.
Ken: ok street and dirt
Matt: ok now moving onto our next question has anything held back your progression
during the year
Ken: my freinds beng injured which leaves me by mys;ef so i dont get to ride
Matt: where do u see urself in 5 years if ur still ridin.
Ken: i think ill be workin at the schwinn
Matt: hah good luck. so any special thanks to me? or other people?
Ken: : to my mom for buyin all my stuff