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New Hillcrest Jumps

Lately a few certain SMART people at Hillcrest have grown tired of the same jumps. So they decided to make Hillcrest a new and inspiring place to jump. Chris, Ryan, Travis and a few other people made a new 4 pac which is soon to be a 6 pac. this is a big thing for us Pinole people cuz Hillcrest is mostly our only place to dirt jump. Thanks to these creative few we have something new, and something to push ourselves to jump. Not many people have been jumpin it but the first one has been 3'd already and ive heard rumors of it being tailwhipped. NOTE: the pack isnt finished so they have to stop at the next lip or hit the next and land in a pile of dirt. Anyway here are a few pics of the jumps and how good they are lookin. not to mention big.

Pics commin soon camera isnt bein coo.